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Christmas Gift Nail Art


It is almost Christmas and you want everything to be perfect on this special day. You are going to buy a new amazing dress to put a special makeup and to make awesome hairstyle. But what about your nails? We can help you to make a cute Christmas gift nail design just following these simple steps.


1) Paint a base coat and then paint your nail with alternate glittering red or green color
2) Using a thin tip white nail brush to draw two crossed thin line on each of the nails
3) Add two loop and bow ends centered from the crossed points of two lines in previous step
4) Add a dot of clear nail polish at the center and then use a tweezer to gentle press a rhinestone onto the clear polish dot when it’s not dry.
5) After applying a clear top coat, your lovely gift nail design art is finished

For more info about nail DIY art tutorial check this out



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