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Choosing the Perfect Fit Jeans


Jeans can be found in every woman’s wardrobe and their versatility and comfort are qualities that make them great pieces. However, each figure has its own specifics, that is why we are presenting you a small guide on how to pick the perfect denim style for your silhoutte.



It is not easy finding clothes that fit you when you are smaller than average, but the good news is that big clothing sales companies like ASOS are thinking about petite girls. Ssuper-skinny jeans or cords can make you seem taller!

Long & Lean

You shouldn’t complain much since your figure is what most girls dream of! Stright leg pants are great for long legs. Also, you can choose a boot cut style and combined with a pair of heels, they will look great!


Go for a wide leg hem to add some balance to your figure. Vertical stripes and similar patterns will create a leaner look.


Some girls just don’t have the sexy curves in their body, even though they are lean and slim. In order to give the illusion of shape, you can choose a nipped waist. High-wasted jeans are also a good idea.


Curvy girls with an hourglass body shape would want to emphasize their waist, sowide-leg tailored trousers with a slight flare through the leg would do the trick.


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