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Choosing Shoes to Complete Your Gala Look



A gala is a formal event with special performances and dress requirements. You cannot just wear whatever comes to your mind. You can either buy a designer dress or something elegant and simple, which you can complement with the right accessories and shoes. Speaking of shoes, most women opt for evening sandals or high heels in black, silver, or gold. A bag or purse in a matching color is a must unless your gown is really simple. Then you can choose a matching shade. If you are going to attend a black-tie gala, you should definitely look your best. Choose a fancy dress and avoid suits and separates. Dress length depends on the type of event. You can wear a mid- or knee-length dress if it is an outdoor event. Get a pair of shoes in pastel colors such as apricot, peach, or mauve. If the event is held indoors, you may want to choose a pair of high heels in emerald green, crimson, or black. When it comes to accessories and jewelry, you should stick to a simple rule – less is more. Complement your outfit with a chic purse, a necklace, and a pair of diamond or gold earrings.


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