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Choosing an Elegant and Stylish Dress for Your Body Shape


Dresses come in different types, designs, color combos, and styles, from elaborate and formal dresses to casual options and styles. The catch is to choose a dress that fits your body shape and is stylish and comfy to wear.

A maxi dress makes for a good pick if you have a boy-like figure or a longer torso. Go with a small print if you are petite. Wrap dresses are stylish and elegant – the perfect choice for a pear-shaped body. Mini dresses can be worn with a one sleeve and thighs. They are made from different fabrics, including velvet, stretch cotton, spandex, and rayon blends. If you love mini dresses and are petite, stay away from ornate sequins and excessive detailing. Opt for stylish and simple detailing. Avoid super short mini dresses if you are tall. Better go for a longer mini dress and combine with thighs. A mini looks great with stylish accessories and a pair of ankle booties. A pair of mary janes and a mini also makes for a good combination.

For an hourglass shape, better go with a shirt dress or tailored pieces. A shaped jacket is a good choice as well. If you opt for a shirt dress, you can combine it with a tie. A sheath dress is an option for women with an apple-shaped figure. Avoid dresses that are too tight or small if you want to cover a bit of a tummy. In fact, a sheath dress looks good on most body types and is flattering and stylish. You can use it as a base and combine with a silk scarf, stylish handbag, classic pumps, and accessories. Alternatively, you can combine a sheath dress with a straw tote and a floppy hat. Another option is to combine it with a pair of strappy heels, a mini clutch, and statement jewelry.

An A-line dress fits all body shapes and is stylish, feminine, and flattering. Аn A-line dress is a safe choice for tall women. It is a poor choice if you are petite. The peplum dress is designed for customers with broad shoulders and can be worn with ankle booties, court shoes, or other types. Stay away from mary janes and strap shoes and go for platforms or high heels. Combine with simple accessories. A peplum dress is an accent and an exaggerated detail so keep accessories and jewelry to a minimum. You can use a waist belt to accentuate your waistline. If you are petite, avoid long dresses with ornate detailing. A peplum dress is attractive and feminine but if you are looking for a way to balance your proportions, it is best to go for a pencil skirt. If you have an hourglass figure, go for a wrap dress or blouse to accentuate your waist. It is a bad choice for petite women, however. In any case, go for silk blends, knits, and other soft fabrics.


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