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Choose The Perfect Primer For You


Choosing the perfect primer is a tricky job to do. We often don’t pay enough attention to the primer, but it’s actually very important makeup detail and if it’s not The One there is a chance to be disappointed with your look after all. How it really works?

The primer controls the natural skin oils of the skin.

Elongate the life of the makeup on your face.

It’s highly recommended for ladies with oily skin.

How to apply it?

Be sure that your face is clean. Apply thin layer of moisturizing cream and let it absorb completely into your skin. Now take the primer and apply it with your finger or with a sponge. Be sure that it’s blended nicely and all over the face. It’s recommended to apply only one layer, but if you need to add some more, use it only in your T-zone.  Wait several minutes and continue with the other steps of your makeup.

How to choose the perfect primer?

You can choose the perfect primer for you according to your needs. If you need to cover and hide acne, skin imperfections, black eye shadows you should search the particular primer for the different problem areas. According to your skin, there are different types of primer either – ladies with dry skin should use more liquid product with shimmery base and the ladies with oily skin should go for mate primers.

Glitterish or not?

It’s true that the primer is under the foundation and under the powder, but it plays a role in the final result. So, we recommend you to use glitter primer for formal events and glitter-free primer for your casual makeup.

Colorful or not?

There are primers with different undertones according to the different face colors. Here are the basic colors:

Green – for ladies with reddish face skin.

Yellow – for tired skin, appropriate for dark under eye shadows.

Purple – for brownish skin or skin with pigmentation.

No matter how hard you try, you will find the perfect primer as long as you try it different types and finally you will feel the right one!


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