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Choose the Comfy One


We love high heels and the ultimate question about them is: Is there a comfortable one that exist out there? The truth is that there is nothing as comfortable as a good pair of sneakers. But there are some high heels that are more comfortable than others and the reason is not that they are lower. It’s all about the fit. There are also some basic design features that can have a huge effect on the comfort of the foot. Check them out:

Heel placement

The center line of the shoe heel should be directly under the center of your own heel. That is the reason why thicker heels works better when it comes to comfort – they do that job automatically. Search for a shoe with a heel that doesn’t drop straight down, look for the curve:


Sole thickness

High heels are much more comfortable with a hint of a platform. This is always a good choice when you want to feel much more comfortable while wearing high heels. If your shoes don’t have a platform try adding a gel insole. When you are about to walk a long distance in high heel you should choose the one with the thick platform – they’re perfect for city sidewalks.


Sole rigidity

Shoes with rigid soles made out of wood or hard plastic are much more uncomfortable than the one made out of leather or rubber. They adjust to your feet and your walk and gives you better feeling.


Heel thickness

It’s not hard to guess – the wider the heel is, the stable you will be. Which means that you will be more comfortable wearing thick-heel shoe instead of the thin one. The thick shoe often lets your weight fall on the back of your foot and not on your toes. That gives you greater stability, no matter how high off the ground are you.



It’s really important how secure your feet are. If there is nothing to support them your whole body will feel a great tension while it tries to keep that shoe on. Your shoes should feel like an extension of your body, not like an alien.



The shoe Titans are very familiar with the fact that after all the Comfort is not hitting the first number of the priority list of a woman. The number one is Beauty and while this is accurate, they’ll keep producing beautiful, but uncomfortable shoes and we will keep buying those shoes. I don’t think that any soon Louboutin will declare bankruptcy, because of uncomfortable shoes. This article made me go out for shopping some gorgeous high heels. Bye, bye and enjoy your day!


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