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Cheesy Snacks For Every Occasion


Snacks are the greatest things when you are bored or you have to learn or while watching TV or just having some lazy time with friends. A good snack is just amazing, so let’s escape from the traditional crackers and grapes and spice up the things a little bit. I’ll show you two types of snack with one main ingredient – creamy cheese. Be sure that you’ll be satisfied. Let’s get started:

Sweet, cheesy temptation

These strawberry jam-covered cheese crackers will make you just want some more of them. And what’s their worst feature – they are never enough! And the preparation is not hard – take some crackers, The laughing cow spreadable cheese, the strawberry jam (or any other flavor you like) and start dipping and “Yummy”-ing.

Tea sandwiches

Again, our main ingredient will be the Laughing cow spreadable cheese. But what else we will need:

8 whole grain tea sandwiches, bread slices

8 of the cheeses

8 cucumber slices

8 tomato slices

Some olive oil or balsamic vinegar (it’s optional)

Arrange the sandwiches as you like and serve them immediately. You will be amazed how hard for you will be to share them with other people. Enjoy!

The veggie pizza

You can make mini “pizzas” with fresh vegetables and of course the Laughing cow cheese. For this snack is recommended the Creamy mozzarella flavor.

Make sure that you have nice, thick cucumber slices. Spread the cheeses on the cucumber slices and add some cherry tomatoes and basil as a finishing touch. This fresh taste will bring you the feel of summer and lightness.

The good thing about healthy snacks is that you can keep your stomach full and never get hungry. That’s important, because when it comes the dinner time you’ll eat less and your metabolism will thank you. Enjoy your meal and stay online for more delicious and body-friendly dishes. Have a great time in the kitchen!




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