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Change Your Shoes


Are you bored with wearing the same old shoes every day? Do not buy new shoes, change your old ones yourself! There are many shoe makeovers that can be done to your plain pair of shoes.

If you are tired of wearing your one-coloured shoes, you can always draw something on them. You can use either spray paint or permanent marker to create the ornaments. The most classic and common choices are dots, circles and stars.

You can always make your shoes more eye-catching just by adding studs. For this makeover, you will need studs, glue and a toothpick. Use the tip of a toothpick and apply a small amount of glue where you want to put the studs. Then, quickly add the studs where the glue is. Let the shoes dry properly during the night.

For more attractive and sexier look, you can glitter your old pair of shoes. All you need for this makeover is coloured glitter, glue and a paintbrush. You can use glitter in any colour you want. As for glue, it has to be suitable for the shoe material and the glitter. In a plastic cup, add as much glitter as you think it is appropriate and mix it with the glue. Dip the paintbrush into the mixture and in an even layer brush over the shoe and down to the heel. Repeat as much as you want. After you are ready, set aside the shoes to dry completely overnight.


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