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Celebs That Shocked Us When They Came Out As Gay


Hollywood has many well-known celebrities who are openly gay and proud celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres and Elton John.

However there are some celebrities that prefer to stay off the grid, at least at some point before coming out in the public eye.  

Here are some celebrities you, at one point, did not know were gay.

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Former NBA star who was the first professional athlete to truly come out and say he was gay.

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The former star of “That’s so Raven.” Raven was recently dating Americas Next Top Model contestant AzMarie Livingston.


You would be surprised that a lot of his fans don’t know that he has come out of the closet.

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UK Rapper whose fan’s always questioned her sexuality for years, but she then came out in 2010 in Diva Magazine.


Amber was known for dating Johnny Depp, but most people didn’t know she dated a woman before him.

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Popular actor who had roles in Star Trek and the TV show Heroes.

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Jonathan was one of the leader stars in “Mean Girl” with Lindsay Lohan.


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