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Celebrity Plastic Surgeries – Gone Right!


We’re all quick to judge celebrities who have went a bit too far when it comes to plastic surgery, but what about the celebs that got it right?

We’d love to know your opinion about these a-listers transformations but we think they all look fab!


Ashlee Simpson

Its the nose job that the whole world heard about.

She is however, being a bit quiet and not having much to say about any other surgery she has been through, just stating that surgery is a ‘personal choice’.

We’re not sure if Ashlee has had further procedures but she definetly got it right.


Megan Fox

One of the most beautiful young stars that Hollywood has to offer but how many procedures has Megan gone under?

It is clear when examining pictures of the beauty that procedures have been undergone on the eyes, lips and nose.

However, yet again Megan has maee the right choices along with a great surgeon as her work looks extremely natural.


Victoria Beckham

There’ no if’s or but’s about it that Victorias breasts have been bought!

Now lets be fair, any woman that have a flat chest as seen in the picture (left) we would go and buy a pair too! Must say though, they look perfect!



Now if Beyonce ever denies having any surgeries done, forget it! Look closely at the pictures, it is very clear that work has been done on the nose.

Maybe more procedures have been done but not confirmed. However, again she looks great and was a better choice for her look.


Britney Spears

It seems that all stars have a thing about fixing their nose, it is also clear that Britney has had a nose job. Looks very natural and poses good for her face shape.


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