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Celebrity Mums and Dads Who Keep It Real!


In the weird and wonderful world of celebrities, we actually have some moments when we realize they are actually real, normal people! (yeah I know! I was surprised too!)

We found some instagram pics that show how cool these celeb mums and dads are….

They just keep it real and we love it!

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Hilary Duff toying around with her son on a plane, very cute!

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Brad Pitt goofs around with his son on a movie set, he looks a very happy, chappy!

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Drew Barrymore and Ellen share a fun moment with Drew’s new addition to her family

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Beckham loves to spend normal, chill down time with his kids

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Leonardo loves to prank around more than the little one does!

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Jenna Elfman learns how to skateboard…. In her casual clothes, yeeeees!


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