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Celebrity faces damaged by drugs


We see it so often.

Celebrities that have so much money they dont know what to do with it. With rigorous regimes, most turn to drugs out of needing more stamina, fun times or a quick get a away from stress.

Either way it is so sad that many celebrities we used to know and love are becoming unrecognizable. 


Whitney Houston

Saddened by the news, Whitney died in 2012 due to drowning in the bath linked to a heart disease. Whitney had admittec to heavy cocaine use previously.


Amy Winehouse

Such a talent yet an over throwing addiction to ecstacy, cocaine, ketamine and heroin took over Amy’s lif


Courtney Love

Courtneys drugs of choice included Heroin, ecstacy, cocaine and a cocktail of prescribed drugs. Love has always been open about her drug use and it is so nice that we can say Courtney is now clean.


Maccaulay Culkin, once a young, fresh faced actor who starred in Home Alone and its sequels is barely regognizable. Maccaulay is rarely ever seen and has been reported that his drug use escalated after his break up from long term girlfriend Mila Kunis.


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