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Celebrities That Lost Their Life to Drugs


It is so tragic that we see young, talented people who shoot to fame in an instant or after years of hard work, believing a fairy tail that doesnt exist.

Most youngsters believe that when they hit the jackpot, thats it, all is set.

But living here in Hollywood, LA, when you look closely, its a very sad, lonely and different story behind closed doors for these individuals.

Being famous means doings tons upon tons of interviews, radio and tv appearences, studio work, performances and a whole lot more.

So where does all the money go and how do they have the energy and stamina to do all this in the space of a day?

Sad to say that this mainly comes down to substances helping them to get through the day for specific stars.

We take a look at the stars we lost along the way in a sad yet eye opening way.


We were shocked and saddened by the death of Amy Winehouse.

An extremely talented singer and performer who struggled with drug and alcohol abuse.

Amy finally lost her battle in July 2011.


Heath Ledger, the very talented actor in roles such as The Joker in the Dark Night, lost his life to a prescription pills overdose in January 2008. He never had the chance to collect his award for his part as the joker in the award winning movie.

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In August 1962 the world lost one of the most loved and talented females that ever walked. Marilyn died due to a reported fixation of prescription pills however has never been confirmed, even until now. However, it was confirmed that Marilyn passed away with a large amount of barbiturates in her system.

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Whitney Houston was not just a singer but an absolute legend. Whitney lost her life at 48 years old after drowning in her bathtub after ingesting a mixture of alcohol, xanax, and cocaine. She died February 2012.

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Cory Monteith battled with a drug addiction for a long time. However, the star of the Glee series kept it wrapped up from everyone and tried to carry out the battle on his own. Cory lost his life in July 2013 after a drug overdose at the young age of 31.

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Brittney Murphy had a bright career in front of herself after starring in the hilarious movie ‘Clueless’.

Murphy was always tormented and put under pressure by the media about her slim frame, which many claimed this was due to a drug addiction or anorexia.

She died age 32 in December 2009, due to a large amount of prescription pills. 


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