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Celebrities That Borrowed Rihanna’s Style


From the moment she set her foot on stage, Rihanna has become a fashion icon. Her hair, wardrobe and even tattoos are copied by girls all over the world since 2005 when she sang Pon the Replay for the first time. And her style changed so much in time – when she became famous she was a shy girl with curly hair who wore sneakers and baggy jeans and now, 10 years later, she is all about the “bad girl” look which she constantly shows with her provocative wardrobe choices and Instagram photos.


As I said, Rihanna is constantly copied by women all over world who just want to get their piece of the celebrity cake. But sometimes not only regular people copy her, but other celebrities, too! Here are some of the celebrities that used Rihanna’s style for inspiration over the years:

Rihanna wore that origami dress on 2009 for the American Music awards and 5 years later Karolina Kurkova borrowed the style for the 2014 Met Gala.


Several days ago Rita Ora made an appearance at the VMAs with the same dress Rihanna showed up at the London Fashion Week in 2012.


As I said, Rihanna rocks the “bad girl” style for quite some time and it’s rather expected that Miley Cyrus, who was more of a “Disney princess” than a “bad girl” not so long ago, often gets inspiration from RiRi’s style.


The denim thong Beyonce wore for her “Flawless” video was first used in 2012 by Rihanna for her “Pour it up” video.


In 2009 both JLo and Rihanna rocked this garbage bag inspired dress. I like JLo very much but I have to say that Rihanna wins this one, too.


Rihanna was seen with white dress in 2010 when she attended the NRJ Awards. Two years later, Fergie went to the Grammys with an almost identical one, but in the color orange.


Lingerie style dresses are in right now and Kylie Jenner wore one to the VMAs several days ago. Little did she know, Rihanna rocked the lingerie look earlier this year on the MTV Movie Awars. Better late than sorry, right, Kylie?


Rihanna’s Halloween costume from 2013 looks quite similar to a look Nicki Minaj pulled in the “Senile” video several months ago.


Bandage costumes were a trend among celebrities and artists some time ago and Rihanna couldn’t help but use them in her 2010 tour. 4 years later, just before breaking up, Danity Kane also wore similar bandage costumes at the Universal CityWalk’s free Summer Music Spotlight Series.


The PJ trend was hot several years ago and Rihanna, of course, took part of it around 2009, wearing several PJ ourfits to different occasions. Last year, Rashida Jones decided to bring back the trend by wearing a similar outfit to a Red carpet event.



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