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Celebrities eat in McDonalds!


Aaahhhh I love it!

Its great to know that these ‘healthy’ celebs who shout about their fitness regimes and eating healthly habits from the roof tops (and DVD’S!!)…. It is just a whole lot of bull!

Its great though to know that good old Mac D’s is as good for them as it is for us!

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Amy Winehouse loved McDonalds!


Even Obama likes a cheeseburger for the dollar menu now and again!

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Justin Beiber grabs his eggmuffin every morning!

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It even helps Justin to write his groovy lyrics!

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The Queen of the UK is lovin’ it!

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Obviously McD’s brings Jessica Simpson a lot of joy!

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Even the Pitts (Brad and Angelina) have been seen going quickly through the drive thru to get their Big Mac’s!!


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