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Cat Eye Makeup Looks


Cat eye makeup is a huge trend at the moment; thus, lots of variations of this classic look have appeared. The cat eye is not the easiest to do, but once you have mastered it , you can play around with colors and shapes.

Here are 6 ideas of how to do it! Don’t forget the dark mascara in all of these looks.

  1. Line slightly with black eyeliner and on top of it add a sparkly red color with a slight wing in the end.

  2. Apply a thick black line along the lashline and contour over it with a thin white one. Contour around the wing with the white eyeliner too.

  3. Line below the eye with a black eyeliner and finish with a wing. Draw a thick, metallic blue line over the lashline, and draw a wing which is a milimeter higher than the black wing.

  4. Draw a black line along the lashline. Then draw another black line leaving a small space between the liner contours. Connect the wings of both lines at the corner of the eye.

  5. This cat eye makeup look is maybe the most extravagant one! First, line the inner corner of you eye, below it, with black eyeliner. Draw a lightly-colored line on the eyelid from the inner corner, diagonally spreading to the end of your brow. The wing will look like a thunderbold.

  6. Apply very thin black line along the lashline. Contour over it with a light color and finish with a wing.


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