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Castor Oil For Your Eyelashes!


No man can stand still in front of the beautiful look of a woman. The eyes are that part of a woman’s face, which show her true character and emotions, and are yet always hiding so many secrets and mystery.

And while we cannot choose the color of our eyes, we can always accent on our eyebrows and eyelashes. The voluminous and long lashes are a dream of many women all over the world. Even if nature hasn’t gifted us with natural gracefully curved lashes, the cosmetic products and mascara, which give us length and volume are doing miracles!

If you regularly use natural products for health procedures you can change the radiation and light of your face a lot! It’s amazing, but in the conventional shampoos and conditioners, which we use for our hair, do the same to your eyebrows and eyelashes, just like the things they do to your hair. The results are impressive!

The nature’s secret for impressive eyelashes is the castor oil. For them to be voluminous and shiny, specialists advise you to brush them regularly with a small brush or cotton bud, coated in castor oil. It has the quality to strengthen the root of the hairs, to feed up the cuticles and to give the hair a darker shade.

The procedures with castor oil are usually done once a week and above. You need to know, however, that the oil can lead to an allergic reaction, so when you do it for the first time you must be very careful. Before doing anything, I advise you to test your skin.

There is no need to go to a dermatologist, all you have to do is let a single drop of castor oil on your skin and you can find the answer for just a few seconds with a drop on the fold of your elbow. If after 24 hours nothing has appeared on that spot, the answer is negative and you do not have an allergy. If, however, there is a red spot avoid the castor oil in all means!



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