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Burn Your Split Ends


Forget about the scissors and buy some candles. No, you won’t need them for making a romantic atmosphere, you will need them for burning your hair in order to remove split ends. Yes, sit down, take a deep breath and continue reading.

While the world is thinking only about the World Cup we found out something way more interesting – Barbara Fialho, a brazilian Victoria’s Secret model, recommended the burning hair treatment “velaterapia” where skilled technician uses an open flame to burn off the split ends of the hair.

How to:

The mentioned before skilled technician takes small sections of the hair, twist them and then runs a candle back and forth. Instead of just cutting it, the flame opens up the hair follicle, allowing it to absorb moisture better.

That’s an innovative technique but are you brave enough to let someone hold burning candle really, really close to your head? And remember – do NOT try this alone at home.




  1. Are you for real?! Girls, don’t even try this.. This is by far the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of $*it on this site. God bless people who follow your ‘ideas’… -.-

  2. As a stylist for 26 years, ths is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Who teaches this crap? The day a stylist takes a lit candle to my hair is the day she’s getting knocked out by me. Where does this site find all this crap?

  3. It will take months to grow your hair back to the length you desire, burning your split ends with fire on the other hand will only take you seconds to make a slight mistake and a 50% probability you will be sent to the hospital with humiliation that you will carry for centuries. You choose.

    Even if professional hairstylist says this, it’s plain common sense. Play with fire, and you’ll get burned.

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  5. Jacqueline on

    I have actually seen this preformed on many people and it’s actually not as bad as you all make it seem. Burning the split ends off, as opposed to cutting them off, is actually much healthier. You’re not supposed to do it to yourself, as you all make it seem they suggested, and you definitely aren’t supposed to turn to your friend and go “Hey. Will you try this on me?”, and it’s also not suggested that your average hair stylist try this. When they say a professional, they mean someone who is trained specifically in this trade (using fire on your hair) because they are the only people that will know what they are doing and how to do it. For all of you ignorant people freaking out about “burning yourself” and “burning off all of your hair” and it being “dangerous”, they take all of this into account and take drastic measures to ensure a safe environment. There are actually hair salons that only offer this sort of hair “cut” and nothing else.

  6. I dnt see anything rong with burning ur spilt ends. Us blk ppl we do it all the time I dnt remeber going to the hospital or my head going into flames.

  7. Alicia Garrett on

    First they dampen your hair and all of the split ends dry faster and then they twist your hair so the dampened healthy hair is protected then obviously it doesn’t take long for your dry brittle split ends to catch fire as many of my fellow smokers have experienced. So you quickly run the flame up and down the hair disposing of the dead ends and viola! No more split ends completely safe if done by a professional. And effective

  8. In saw this yrs ago in the afternoon news. In bronx new york a hair salon was doing this technique, they did a before and after with a lady and the results were amazing. I actually do it my self and i cut my own hair too. I dont see nothing wrong with this.

  9. People are so quick to judge instead of looking it up and seeing it for themselves! yes it might seen a little “crazy” but that’s why its done by PROFESSIONALS…
    I’ve had this technique done for 3 year’s now. Never had an accident, or any burns. My hair is healthier than ever. I get this technique done every three to four months and cut my hair two to three times a year. It’s not for everyone since so many of you speak before you listen. And like I said this is done by professionals only!!!!!

  10. I tried this at home. My friend asked me the next day (with no knowledge of it) if I had been to the har dresser as my hair looked freshl cut and shiny. Just saying; I am never cutting my hair again if this works as well next time I try it!

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