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Brown Smoky Eyes


I like to put makeup on my eyes, but at the beginning I knew barely nothing about makeup application and made many mistakes. You think that a shadow palette and a brush will be enough for your eye makeup, but that’s not even close to the truth. You must be prepared not only with tools, but also with skills and tricks. That’s why I decided to show you how to make a classic smoky eye, but with brown, not black shadow, makeup tutorial, step by step. I hope that this tutorial will help the girls who enter the world of the makeup. Take a look:

When you want to apply eyeshadows to your lids, you have to apply lid primer. The same rule applies to the face and the lips, when you will wear dark lipstick. The primer is essential for the makeup, because it smooths the skin and holds the makeup to stay longer without causing smudges.

Once the primer is set, give it a few minutes to absorb and prepare the skin. Then apply brown pencil to the top lash line. Use a flat brush to smudge it up to the center of the lid.

Enhance the outer corner of the eye with dark brown eyeshadow. Smudge it up and above the lid.

Then take care of the bottom lash line. Contour it with the brown pencil and smudge a little bit with small blending brush.

If the size and the shape of your eyes allow it, you can apply dark liner to the bottom waterline.

Cover the lid with bronze shimmer and finish the look with a coat of mascara.

When the lids are all ready, your job is not finished. You have to shape the brows and then fill them in.

Use a brow pencil to contour the shape you want and then fill the empty gaps with the pencil. Then use an old, but clean mascara wand to brush the brows in order to remove any excess color from the brows to make them look more natural.




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