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Branches for Your Home Decor


Make branch-tastic pieces for your home!


By using some tree branches, a bit of creativity and some general household goods, it’s amazing what you can make.


We absolutely love these elegant branch pieces of art so we’re going to show you how to make some funky and modern art pieces for your home!


Here’s how it’s done!


What you’ll need: Large frame Newspaper

Spray-paint Clippers

Staple gun



How to Make It: 


1. Spray-paint the frame the color desired (over newspaper of course!)

2. When the frame is dry, flip it over

3. Place branches across the frame (however you would like them to be!)

4. Use a staple gun on both ends to secure the branches to the frame

5. Use clippers to trim any oversize branches



Easy, simple, done!

Hang it up for everyone to adore 


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