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Boot Trends For Fall 2014


I am the only one who loves wearing boots? Boots go perfect with every outfit, keep you warm and, or course, are very beautiful. I’m very excited to see what fall trends are preparing for us and what is going to be in this season. I am going to show you 4 of the fall boot trends I know that will easily become your favorites!

1. Moto

Nothing surprising about this particular trend. Moto boots have always been trendy and they are an important piece of every fashionista’s wardrobe! I have a pair of moto boots that I’m excited to wear and it’s safe to say that they go well with everything – from jeans and a shirt to a floral dress with a leather jacket on top. Moto boots come in different colors and designs and everyone can find their own favorite pair.

2. Over the knee

Over the knee boots are sexy, look flattering on your legs and keep you warm in the cold fall and winter days. Over the knee boots can be pair be a cure dress or with ripped jeans and a flowy top. Since the over the knee trend is old (since around 200-2009) so many celebrities have worn them over the years that you can easily get inspiration how to wear them from fashionistas like Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham or Kim Kardashian. I’m not a fan of the black tight boots that look more like leggings when put on, but will definitely search for a more loose design, preferably in brown, that I can wear with my more casual outfits. What’s your choice?

3. Ankle booties

On, ankle booties! Every girl should have at least one pair of black, simple ankle booties in their wardrobe to wear in the more casual days when you don’t feel like doing much but yet you want to look cute. Buy a pair with a small heel and you’ll instantly transform every outfit in a more dressier version that  you can wear on a date, for example (note: wearing short heels make you look taller but don’t give you the pain a normal heel would, so go for shoes with thick and short heels for maximum comfort). This fall black will be color of all shoes but don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and go for some grey, burgundy or dark green shoes for a pop of color!

4. Riding boots

For me, riding boots have the perfect shape to go with every body type and every outfit. They’re stylish and sophisticated and will give your look something very elegant. Add a nice dress and a furry coat (of course, and sunglasses) and you’ll instantly look like an European fashionista. Riding boots are easy to style because they’re so simple and that’s why so many celebrities choose them for their casual looks. Find inspiration from Cameron Diaz, Taylor Swift or Paris Hilton and go get yourself a pair of classic boots!



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