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Black And White Makeup Tutorial


Monochrome patterns have been a huge trend in fashion for the past few seasons, whether it is winter or summer, and the logical consequence was for it to transfer in makeup too. Maybe it seems a little bold for a day look, but it is definitely great for the evening: it will make your eyes pop and make them seem bigger due to the white color. The other great thing about this makeup is that it is easy to do and you do not need anything very special in your makeup case!

  1. Apply an eye primer and then a light shimmery eyeshadow to your eyelid.

  2. Line the upper lashline with a white eyeliner. Do not be afraid to make the line thick and bold.

  3. Using a flat sharp brush, spread the white color to the outer corner of the eye in order to create a wing.

  4. Apply a black eyeliner over the white color, on the lashline, but make the line thinner, so that it does not cover the white one.

  5. Spread it to the outer corner the same way, so that you have a black wing in the end too.

  6. Line the lower lashline with a thin white line and then apply black eyeliner to the waterline.

  7. Smudge the white color underneath your eye with the help of a brush.

  8. Apply black mascara generously to the upper and lower lashes to emphasize the look.

This look is so easy to do and with just a few colors, but it goes a long way and will definitely add that extra sparkle to your face!


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