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Bikini Mix and Match Trend


I hope it does not come as a surprise for you that you can wear different colors of top and bottoms of your bikinis. They can be even different patterns! If you haven’t noticed this really cool trend, you have definitely been missing out. Not only can you have lots of fun, mixing patterns and colors, but also, you can save money by buying separate tops and bottoms and making it look as if you have many bathing suits, while you are just combining them differently.



We are presenting to you a few ideas of how to make your bikini sets a lot more interesting and fresh! A few ideas include:

  • multicolored bottom and a top in one color
  • white top and brightly colored bottom
  • polka dots and stripes
  • pastel pattern and a pastel color
  • two bright colors

Don’t be afraid to experiment and make the combinations suit your own taste! After all, you will be the one wearing them!

bikini match


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