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Biggest Styling Mistakes on Pretty Little Liars


Pretty Little Liars is definitely one of these shows that completely confuses you and you are never sure if you are forgetting a significant fact related to the current plot twists. Nevertheless, we usually admire the girls’ styling: it is interesting, on-trend and each of them has distinctive characteristics of style which is always a good thing. However, there have been a few times when we just looked at what they were wearing and could not really figure out why.

Here are some of the styling mistakes found on the show:


The Funeral Attire. None of them is wearing the most appropriate dress, even though Spencer gets pretty close. Emily’s dress is too short, Aria’s dress is strapless and has a little too much glamour, and just don’t get me started on Hanna! The only thing she did right was the color, but all the see-through material, the length, even the bag are just too Friday-night.


Spencer is always very traditional and preppy, the perfect college girl (or soccer mom, we will see), but this time the stylists completely went crazy. There are so many things wrong with this outfit, but most importantly, it hides Trojan’s great figure and beautiful, feminine look. P.S.: The trousers are horrific!


The black leather dress with a zipper in the middle is not at all appropriate for going to school. At least she is not wearing 5 inch heels. Still, girls, please don’t wear dresses like that to school!


People do not go into the woods like that. Only Emily is on track with her outfit choice, so follow her example next time you go camping, for instance. Dresses, denim mini’s and knee-high boots are just crazy.


Emily is great, but this dress is more suitable for the beach than going to school.


Last but not least, we have the endless collection of heels that Hanna owns and goes everywhere with. Who goes to school and than follows around murder suspects in five-inch heels? Don’t try it, everyone says it’s impossible.



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