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Bigger Lips Better Look


What is more feminine than perfectly defined lips? Maybe perfectly defined, Bigger lips. I know that too big is not good, but how about a little bigger lips than now they are. Admit it, you look at Angie’s picture and dream of her lips on your face. Don’t think about kissing, ladies, I mean – to have lips like hers. There are, of course, some makeup tricks for making your lips look bigger. This is also an easy way to make them fuller without the need of an injections and knives. Take a look and try them on:

Contour the lips. Use a lip pencil to contour your lips. The difference will be absolutely visible, also your lipstick will last longer.

Lip plumping gloss. The gloss itself works as lip volumizer. You can apply it on bare lips and the effect will be the same again. The shine that is created by the lip gloss is making your lips look bigger visually. This will be our little secret for natural-looking bigger lips.

Stay away from dark colors. It’s a well known fact that the black is a slimming color. As long it is perfect for our figure, the same rule doesn’t apply to our lips. If you want them to look bigger avoid dark colors like dark purple, burgundy and so on. These colors will make your lips look flat and shrunken.

Exfoliate. Soft and healthy lip skin is perfect to work on it. So, it’s important to prepare the base and after that you can apply those makeup tricks for bigger lips. So, exfoliate your lips at least once a week. You can do it with clean, soft toothbrush. Rub gently along your lips to get any dead skin off. You can exfoliate both with a clean brush or you can add a little bit of cinnamon. This ingredient will stimulate the your lips in order to look even more plump and juicy.  After that, apply simple, bio lip balm to soften them. You will see how soon the results will please you.

Warm lipstick shades. If you are not in a mood for glossy products you can always rely on the matte, warm shades. It’s all about the color. Choose some orange, deep red, but nothing too dark. Try on and decide which one is the best for you.




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  1. found you by looking for thing on my Pin it page I am tryinying to crate went to Beaty & hair so how u pot up ! I glad love thos pink lips but I am always on the look for that perfect pink , any suggestions? Thanks like your advice

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