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Best tips for amazing wedding makeup


The wedding day is not the time to change your image, or to try out new trends. Your look should be modern, because you do not want to see your photos then outdated, but it is not amended beyond recognition. Makeup that will have on the wedding day should be similar to the evening, festive makeup, being somewhat more pronounced than usual and more saturated colors (even if it is a wedding day). Here are basic tips:
1. Apply a nice tone blush – pale pink, if your face is white and deep pink if its dark.
2. Neutral and brown lip colors you can play a practical joke on pictures. If you are accustomed to using these colors, set them as the basis, and put them on a deep pink tone.
3. Illuminate the skin underneath the eyebrow with shades of white color for pale skin tone and vanilla – for dark.
4. Mascara Waterproof (waterproof and longer duration of action) for tears and emotions of the day 😉
5. Shadows should be bright and the dark colors. Avoid very dark shadows.
6.Shape eyebrows with tweezers shadows and without them too much powder the.
7. Do not use makeup with pearl shade because it is perishable and shines too much shooting.
8. Transparent tone pink nail polish stays natural and fresh. It is easy to be reapplied if it is chipped.
9. Stress from the days before the wedding to reflect quickly on the skin. To make your face fresh, sleeping enough hours and drink plenty of water. Exercise, walking, bath or massage will help you relax.
8. Choose the flavor you most like. For continuous operation use the same range after shower body cream. Soil from the perfume behind the knees, on the wrists, ankles and behind your ears.



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