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Best Places For Your Honeymoon


Having big, fancy wedding is not the best part of the whole act of celebrating your love life. In my opinion the thing that is even greater than the wedding day is the Honeymoon. Yeah, right, you can argue with me, but the truth is that there is nothing sweeter than a week or two spent with your soulmate all alone in the heavenly place you chose for your precious time.

The Honeymoon is the time to spoil yourself. It’s the moment when there is no work, no friends, no family, no problems, no drama, just the two of you having a great time together. So, according to your preferences and likes you should take a decision where to spend those precious love moments. You can go up in the mountain or at some sunny, beach place. Or how about exotic, ancient village or European town full of history and romance. Let’s see which are the best places for your Honeymoon. Remember that these are just ideas and you can go wherever you like. Take a look:

The Maldives

The Maldives Islands are one of best Honeymoon destinations. Especially if you stay in one of the fancy bungalows. This destination is perfect for couples who love deserted island escapes and adore the beach, swimming, diving or just lazing on a hammock, enjoying the gorgeous Maldivian sunrises and sunsets.

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Thailand is an incredible country in Southeast Asia. The mainland is accompanied by the popular islands like Phucket and Phi Phi. So, Thailand is perfect for a combination between visiting modern city, Bangkok, taste a fantastic exotic food, learn more about the colorful culture and enjoying the sightseeing – scenic mountains, lush jungles and idyllic beaches. If you want to make your honeymoon a little bit more dynamic you should visit Thailand.

Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

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New Zealand

If you want some time for yourself, away from the crowd you should go on New Zealand when the time is off-peak-seasons. New Zealand is as big as UK, but the number of people living there is about 4 million (the population of UK is about 64 million people, you do the math!). That way, just the two of you can enjoy the islands, beaches, plains, hiltrops and forests. In such a place you can really dedicate to each other without being bothered from anyone.

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You can feel the mythology right from it’s source. It’s an adventurous place, also exotic and modern, both.

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Of course, the land of good food and good drinks. Also good culture and people. You will be amazed by the Italian hospitality. They are warm and loud and I’m sure you’ll have great time if you choose Italy as your honemoon destination.

There are so many great Honeymoon destinations that I can write all day about, but the main thing is to do some research according yo your personal preferences and make the best choice. Or if you want to visit many cities and places you can count on cruise. There are so many great travel ideas, both fancy and bugdet-friendly for every location you like. Just keep looking until you find the perfect one. Or just keep celebrate your love with annual Honeymoon. Find a way and time to remind yourself the very first Honeymoon with every-year vacations, just for the two of you. All you need is love!

Rialto Bridge in Venice

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