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Best Fantasy TV series


I always reach the moment when I want to run away from the everyday casualty, when I need a little bit of fantasy, something creative, imaginative and enchanting. Do you know this feeling? It’s the moment when you wish some of your dreams could come true. For example, I have always wanted to ride a dragon. The truth might hurt us, but we all know that this is not possible… yet.

I will share with you the best fantasy TV series of all times. If you love such genres, but haven’t seen some of the titles you are going to read in a minute, you better go and watch them soon!

Doctor Who

Starting from the old series in 1963 and still continuing with the new ones today. This is one of the parental fantasy series of all. The Doctor, real name is unknown, is actually a madman in a police box, but it’s not a normal box. It’s his Tardis – his traveling machine. The Doctor travels through time with it in order to change the future of the planet, accompanied with different partners throughout the seasons. It’s comedy, it’s drama, it’s full of tension, it has everything you need. Also, we have the spin-off TV series Torchwood, in which the center of the attention is our lovely captain Jack Harkness and his crew.



Have you ever thought what’s going to happen in five hundred years? Well, Captain Malcolm can show you. The renegade crew travels aboard to unknown parts of the galaxy, saving the world plenty of times. Nathan Fillion plays his role brilliantly, and I am absolutely sure that I am not the only one who is still wondering why such a great piece of work got cancelled.




The life of Superman before he became Superman. Have you ever wondered what the story of the young Clark Kent is? How he actually dealt with his powers in the beginning and how his surroundings have accepted him? Tom Welling can show you!


The Winchester brothers, Dean and Sam, are of to an adventure. However, that only looks like one. Hunting demons, killing the evil, rescuing the innocent. Seasons full of mysteries, comedic speeches, horrific experiences, dramatic decisions and something more.

Being Human

What happens when a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost end up living together in the same house? Well, you will only find out when you decide to watch these series. You can choose from both the UK version and the US, where the very well known Aiden Turner(formerly known as Kili from The Hobbit) plays one of the protagonists.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel

We all know these series, as they were popular ever since the day the piloting episode came out. A vampire slayer, born to be the Chosen one, fighting against the evil and finding who is her friend or foe. Alongside we have a spin-off series called Angel, where the characters flow from one series to another. Angel, the Vampire, living in the city of the lost souls, killing his own kind because of his curse to be good.

Star Trek

Another parent of the fantasy series, ladies and gentleman! The crew of the Starship Enterprise along with it’s Captain – James Kirk, exploring the Galaxy, fighting for justice and peace, defending the United Federation of Planets. Live long and prosper.


Starting from 2009 this series grabbed many people’s attention. During a storm, a group of young offenders doing their community service gets struck by a lightning. But that’s not where it ends, this was not an ordinary storm, because after wards they end up developing different and unique superpowers, along with many other people out there.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead was very popular since the day it came out, mainly because of the comics and games, alongside with the fact that it has a great future because of people already knowing about it and expecting it. Zombie apocalypse. A group of survivors led by the police officer Rick Grimes. What happens when they find out that zombies are not their only enemy?

Game of Thrones

Last but not least, we have George Martin’s amazing story. When the first season was adapted, everyone got completely obsessed with these series – and there is a reason! The seven noble families are fighting for control of the mythical land of Westeros. You know what hurts the most about these series? Prepare to see your favorite characters dying. It’s a cruel dimension, indeed.




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