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Behind the scenes: Gravity


Gravity, starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock was a massive hit at the Oscars 2014, winning several awards for the efforts in the movie.

But do you actually stop to think when your at the cinema, how much work movies like these take?

We came across some ‘behind the set’ photographs for you to see how a movie like this hit was made.

Firstly, ill let you in to a big secret…

You know all these movies that are supposidly shot in the middle of the sea, actors walking on water and floating in space, sorry but this is not real!

The crew assemble a plain blue or green large screen and all effects are flashed on to this board with graphics! (I did not tell you!)

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The director has to make sure that every single movement is co-ordinated correctly and precisely

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Told you! Green screen!

Sandra actually did a lot of stunts by herself however did not involve going to space or swimming under water (those are fake bubbles!). It pretty much involved some strings and specific movements

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Stuntmen see how they can re-act a life like flip if they were in space

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Visual effects are finished with every last detail perfect. With the artistic team in London, all hands were on deck with a normal artist team of between 60 and 80 people working on one shot at any given time.

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It can take up to 1200 people to make a movie, not including the actors!

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You cant see those strings in the movie, voila, magic!

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Fake visuals are made to look so real on screen that you would never imagine that this movie is not shot in space!


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