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Beauty Tricks which Can Save You at Work


Waking up early is a difficult task as it is, but if you want to look perfect during the day, there are so many things to remember doing in the morning. Sometimes we are very unlucky and one clumsy move can ruin our whole outfit on a day when we cannot afford to be late.

Problem #1: You need to freshen up your look at your workplace before going out for drinks in the evening, for instance, but you have forgotten your makeup kit at home.

Solution: Have a makeup stick in your bag or in your desk drawer always. It can work as eyeshadow, blusher and lipstick alltogether, so this multifunctional product is a good must-have to invest in.

Problem #2: You have been staying up late, so you wake up with enrmous dark circles under your eyes.
Solution: Prepare a quick cooling gel , using aloe vera or cucumbers. It will relieve the situation and lighten up the dark circles, before you finish hiding them with a concealer.

Problem #3: You slept through your alarm, so you need to jump out of your home, without having a shower.

Solution: A compact powder will help you correct and fix your makeup, but also, using a makeuo brush, you can apply a little bit in the roots of your hair, so that it replaces a dry shampoo, since it absorbs excess oil.


Problem #4: Your boss calls you to a surprise meeting, but your manicure is in a terrible condition.

Solution: The fastest thing to do is have pads for removing nail polish. This is the quickest way to remove nail polish and not worry about your nails.


Problem #5: Coffee stains. Self-explanatory.

Solution: You should have a pen for removing stains. Keep one of these in your desk drawer, so that you don’t walk around with a stain on your shirt.


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