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Beauty Tips from Cate Blanchett


How the actress keeps her skin smooth and radiant?
Cate Blanchett is known not only for its impeccable style, but with the crystal clear , extremely smooth skin.
She revealed her secret to the British newspaper ” Daily Telegraph ” .
44 -year-old actress, who is a global ambassador for luxury cosmetics brand SK-II, argues that the best vacation improves skin.
It was subjected to the acupuncture and which stimulate certain parts of the body after penetration of the needles through the skin.
“We can not turn back time , but we can try to sleep more. If you’re healthy inside, your skin will be healthier .
Therefore I think it is important to feed based on your skin , not just the surface .
I like to undergo acupuncture and a nice , strong therapeutic massage … although I do not do so regularly as I would like , “said Kate.
Because of his busy schedule , the actress has no time to put makeup, but says learn some other techniques watching professionals administering the product .
” I rarely have time for makeup , I use everything I can put in the car. But my work with some really great make-up artists like Mary Greenwell and Morag Ross taught me another trick someone .
With the brush you can change your whole person , “said Blanchett .


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