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Beauty Secrets from Sophia Loren


The famous Italian actress Sophia Loren on September 20 this year, turned 77 years. If you make a comparison between her and our grandmother, the difference in appearance is striking … right. Four years ago she posed nude for the famous calendar of Pirelli. Her secret to preserve and maintain her beauty will be presented to you now. According to the actress herself beauty needs constant maintenance and care, and no injections, implants; plastic surgeries can make you as beautiful as if you alone worry about maintaining it every day. Start by creating your own image, because the hairstyle, makeup and outfit only facilitate the overall look. But what still needs to be addressed, we will start examining them one by one.

Nutrition – Sofia loves pasta. She weighs 60 kg. with height of 173 cm., and every three months she makes a relaxing two-day diet. This is not a complicated diet, but rather two days in which to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drink juices. If it comes to the daily diet, Sophia Loren advises that initially you should eat protein products for better absorption, and a few minutes after the salad, potatoes or sauce.

You should not start the day, even when you do not have an appetite, with just a cup of coffee, you better eat a slice of bread and fruits. This will give you energy and give you courage. Science found that the sooner the breakfast is, the better the food is digested. Surest path to obesity and disease is eating on foot. When you constantly buzz around, your organs can not relax, and with it crisps, sandwiches and pastries condemn the organism to suffering.

If you get hungry, drink mineral water or juice, and the time between meals you should drink more. Then your body will be permanently cleansed from slag and dust. The usual dinner star is macaroni salad, a small piece of fish or meat. You should not be afraid of pasta the complex carbohydrates that are not in a large amount are absorbed easily and are needed by the body to allow the brain to function normally. And except for the pasta, the same goes for potatoes, rice, peas and beans. If you eat those, hunger disappears quickly because the levels of blood sugar fall. This way, it is easier to lose weight with diet that contains complex carbohydrates. They create a feeling of fullness, giving the body the necessary energy and then burn them efficiently.

The skin is a mirror of health. If you take care of your skin, you are working for the future, as the woman who has nice skin looks good at all times. Women with oily skin are lucky because it wrinkles later in life. But because of excessive greasiness they use strong lotions and creams, all of which makes it less smooth, and the skin may be even harmed. The women with normal to dry skin should not take special care of the skin, but because beauty is a gift that needs to be kept, doing masks and various nourishing treatments is still needed. Daily tricks and proper nourishment are the key to staying beautiful at any age.


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