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Beauty Products: What to Spend More and What to Spend Less On


As women, we often forget about any budget restrictions we should have and purchase lots of things that are either unnecessary or even left unused throughout their existence. When it comes to beauty products, they are never enough. You can have three liquid eyeliners, four mascaras and three blushers in the exactly same shade, but still stop at the makeup counter to see what else is there. It is important to sort out which products you need and which you don’t. The second distinction you need to make is which products can be more expensive and which you don’t need to spend over $10.

What to Splurge on:

  • Foundation: pigmentation, skin tone and wear-time are all factors you need to consider when choosing a foundation. Except if you have not found a great drugstore alternative, you have an excuse to turn to the more expensive brands because foundation needs to be good quality so that you can keep your skin healthy and your whole face makeup in order, as it is the base of your appearance.

  • Blush/Bronzer: in terms of these products, there is often a slight difference. Cheaper brands are not as long-lasting and are easier to smudge. A good blusher or bronzer’s pigmentation can be controlled when applying, so that whether you want a slight touch of color or a strong emphasis, you can obtain it.

  • Hot Styling Tools: heat can damage your hair severly, and you should do anything possible to prevent that from happening. Not only should you use a heat protecting product, but also you should turn to hair straighteners with ceramic plates, for instance.


What to Save on:

  • Hair Serums and Oils: there are amazing hair serums and oils in fancy bottles out there, but the truth is you can use pure argan, coconut, almond, jojoba or any other oil and it may serve you even better! Simply avoid your roots if they are very greasy and find your perfect amount and you will use the natural, pure version of what they are selling in stores for a lot less!


  • Shampoo: if you look carefully enough, you will be able to find nice, organic or chemical-free brands whose packaging is not as glamorous and are not advertised in every fashion magazine, BUT actually have a better result on your hair. The most important thing about shampoo is for it not to contain sulfates and parabens, so that it does not dry out and damage your hair.

  • Mascara: mascara should be changed every three months, so it would be hard to buy an expensive, high-end product so often without it resulting on your budget severly. After a good search you will be able to find a drugstore mascara that would meet your expectations without having to spend your whole makeup budget.


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