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Beautiful Brows Tutorial



Beautiful Brows Tutorial


We all know it’s difficult to get the eye brow look you want without going to the salon.


We’ve came up with a simple tutorial that will give you impeccable brows to set off your eyes.


What you’ll need:


Crème or white colored base coat eye shadow

Dark brown and light brown eye shadow

Applying brush

Eye brow comb

MAC Long wear concealer

MAC Studio Fix


Here’s how (All steps can be seen in above picture):


Step 1: Use the crème or white colored eye shadow and apply over the eye brow


Step 2/3: Brush the brow to ensure all hair is lying in the same direction (tip: if you have additional or longer hair that is not needed – use tweezers to remove)


Step 4: Use the dark brown eye shadow with your applier brush and cover all the brow


Step 5/6: For eye brows that have hair missing ensure you draw with the dark brown eye shadow an area to fill in to ensure your overall look is full)


Step 7: Use the dark brown eye shadow to fill whole of eye brow


Step 8: Take the light brown eye shadow


Step 9: Use the light brown eye shadow to make an outline of the brow


Step 10: Use the applicator brush to bend all colors together


Step 11: Use the eye brown brush and brush all hair in the same direction (outwards)


Step 12: Take the MAC Longwear Concealer


Step 13: Apply the concealer to the bottom outline of the brow


Step 14: Take the MAC Studio Fix


Step 15: Apply the MAC Studio Fix over the concealer



You now have beautifully shaped brows!



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