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Banish Chest And Back Acne For Good!


Have you noticed how in the summer when you’re at the beach or running around and doing all kinds of excercise, that in the end all these activities are often accompanied with back and chest acne?

During the summer days the body produces more oil – that’s why you sweat more. When these two combine together acne appears. The sunscreen, as great as it is, causes these breakouts. Don’t worry, ladies, you are not the only ones with such a problem. Dermatologists has stated that as something rather normal, because it is a very often met problem.

However, this is not the same acne as the one on your face. The true name of these zits on your back and chest are called folliculitis. Do you know what that means? This is when the hair follicle becomes infected. This explains a lot, right? Thought so. Even if it’s not the same as the facial acne, it can be treated with the same products. It can be triggered by coffee but it’s not that common for the chest and back.

How can you get rid of it? The first and most important is to shower immediately after you have come back from the beach or the gym, or if you have sweated even a bit. Suncreen builds up around the hair follicles. This is why you must use a gentle body wash with salicylic acid consistently. If the acid body wash is daily used you will reduce the inflammation and your pores will start uncloging.

You can also use the same products you use for you face, but make sure they do not contain benzoul peroxide. It tends to bleach fabrics and you will ruin your clothes and bed sheets. You can also use an acne spot treatment gel on the wanted areas.

You can also exfoliate with grainy scrubs, but do not scrub too hard! Gently and carefully, because not only will you end up overdrying the skin, but it can cause more breakouts, infections and wounds, along with red spots. The skin on your chest is very thin and can be easily scarred, so think twice if you would risk it.



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