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Bad Habits When You Are Trying to Lose Weight


It’s summer, the season of diet torture and dreading the thought of going to the beach wearing only a bikini. Have you ever considered changing your lifestyle, not simply going on a one week no-food regime? There are lots of things we do that are obstacles on the path to a nice figure. Consider changing these and you might witness results faster than you think!

  • Not Having Breakfast: Even if you are not really hungry in the morning, push yourself since breakfast activates your metabolism. A protein-based meal will prevent you from getting really hungry and actually allowing yourself to binge on a calorie bomb at lunch!

  • Eating Mainly Whole Grain Foods: They are not a sure recipe for losing weight. The problem is that sometimes they can contain less protein and fibers. Also, they can contain more butter and sugars and lead to gaining weight!

  • Salad as the healthy meal?: Yes, it is required in every diet. Sometimes, however, even if you eat salads all the time, you don’t lose weight. Why? Think about all those croutons, fruit, nuts and cheese that you add all the time: they are sources of lots of calories!

  • Low-Carb Diet & Exercising: Actually if the combination of both can prevent you from losing weight since your body needs fuel after an intense workout. The best fuel are carbs!

  • Not Eating After a Workout: Always eat after working out, it is best if it is something rich in protein or carbs. That way your metabolism won’t slow down!

  • Drinking store bought juices: Yes, drinking lots of liquids is important, but mainly water and tea. Juices from the store are full of bad ingredients and lack the true healthy parts of the fruit. It is better to drink a freshly-squeezed juice than one of these bottled ones.



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