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Awesome Ways to Recycle an Old Tyre


Recycle your old tires in to something beautiful!


Who said recycling has to be boring? Not us!


We found some great recycling ideas for those old tires lying around your garage.


Tires are tough and durable put can be painted in to funky colors to look awesome!


So put your thinking cap on and think of some ideas.


Here are some ideas to get you started…


  • Use an old tire to create a unique chandelier for any room on the house


  • Thin tires can be attached together to make small tables for the garden (great for kids!)


  • Use an old tire as an outer ring for an outside washing up area


  • Cut the tire in half to create a ‘sea saw’ effect table for the kids


  • Painted in different colors, tires can give you a beautiful flower arrangements for your garden


  • Need a wall feature in your home? Paint some old tires and attach them to the wall – it looks funky, fresh and very modern


  • Old thin tires can be transformed in to hanging plant / flower baskets with a design of your choice


  • Create an outdoor table and chair set for your patio


Happy Recycling!



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