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Avoid Wearing These At Work!


Okay, the proper outfit for a lady who work at an office if very important. Right, you must know that already. Jeans are permitted for quite some time now and the official outfits are actually in the past.

However, there are some outfits that are not only unacceptable, but it is also not proper to wear them at the office.

The Too Short Skirts And Shorts

Skirts and shorts from which one can see your butt, no matter how good it looks in the, are not proper for work. The too short articules cannot also be worn during the colder seasons when you have tights or long socks underneath. For class and professional behavior wearing clothes in a decent lenght is the best choice. Their lenght should be a few centimeters beneath the knee.

Low Neckline And Bare Back

Such types of clothes is referred to as scarce and skimpy. This is very unacceptable to wear at the office, even during the incredibly hot summer days. This type of outfit actually speaks a lot about you – you are showing your surroundings that you need attention and that you will do anything to receive it, even with provocative gossips about you. This is actually not very pleasant. You don’t have to forget that you are at the office to work and not to be the center of attention.

Too Modern Clothes

You have to understand that you cannot allow yourself to walk around in clothes made with sequints and tight leather pants are unacceptable. You will actually be looking absurd and preposterous. Do you see someone else wearing similar clothes? Nope. It’s good to stand out with something amongst your coworkers, but by wearing such clothes you are standing in the bad light. Keep these clothes for the wild evenings.

Too Negligent

Lately the stores are full of negligent outfits – ragged jeans and shirts, fashionable tracksuits and trainers and etc, which are never a good choice of clothes to wear at the office. It is true that they are very comfortable but you need to leave them for your daily meetings with friends.

See-Through Clothes

Now, here’s the biggest and bolderst no for an office attire! Not all of your coworkers need to see the color and type of your bra and your new bikini. It’s inappropriate. If you really like this see-through blouse, combine it with something underneath!


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