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Are You Wearing Your High Heels Correctly?


 The high heel gives a woman a confident and elegant appearance, but only when the shoes are a perfect pick for her and her body positining is correct. Otherwise the sight will not be very pleasant for the people surrounding you.

  1. Always buy the perfect shoe size

    Do not ever dwell on whether you should buy a shoe your size, never buy the smaller one just because it fits you during the time when you try it. You will just end up walking around bare foot after an hour of walking in the heels.

  2. Look for heels with a perfect curve

    Yes, we all know the very high heels are very popular, and that it looks amazing, but you cannot do that do your foot! Don’t make stupid decisions just because you are going to look pretty.

  3. Always break in the shoes before going out with them

    If you are buying new shoes for a special occasion such as a wedding or a job interview, make sure you walk in them at home two or three days before that. Otherwise you will be feeling very uncomfortable.

  4. Don’t stand too long

    The more you are standing, the worse for your feet. Try to sit oftenly, even if it’s just fo a little bit. Let your feet rest, so you can be able to use them for the whole day or night.

  5. Keep your back straightened

    However, remember that a straight back and thrown out chest are not the same. The correct posture limits the pressure on the feet and makes you look more elegant and magnificent.

  6. Take a rest from the high heels

    Have mercy! You can change the stilletos with a nice platform a few times a week. This, of course, if for the ladies who are never taking off the high heels.

  7. Always take care of your feet after taking of the heels

    Spoil your feet with a massage, a bath with sea salt and anti-callus cream. This is all you have to do to feel better.


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