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Are Makeup Wipes Harmful?


At least once we all have used makeup wipes instead of makeup’s beast friend – the makeup remover. The most common reason for this alternative is lack of time to clean our face the other way or just our need to go to sleep as early as we can. Unfortunately, not always such alternatives are the best thing for our skin. And even though we don’t know (or don’t want to know), makeup wipes and many times more harmful to our face than the makeup remover that we usually use. What are the reasons for this and what are the consequences for our skin, read below.

When we use makeup wipes, a part of them stays on our face. When we use lotions we get instructions that we definitely have to wash our face afterwards so non of the product stays on out skin. Big beauty brands think that not washing your face after using makeup wipes is a big “plus” and that why you should buy them, not the lotions. No matter if the igredients of the two products are very similar, leaving them on your face can cause redness, infections, blemishes, acne and, basically, serious skin problems.

Dry skin is a huge problem with makeup wipes. They have alcohol in them which, as we know, not only cleans, but dehydrates, too. Besides, they leave a thin layer of this ingredient on your skin which reduces the properties of your night cream which you put just after cleansing your face. This is why makeup wipes dry your skin permanently and thus disallowing it to absorb any of the following hydrating products.

If you’re prone to blemishes and acne, you shouldn’t ever use makeup wipes. Not only that you can’t clean your face properly, but you add another layer of grease and dirt that spreads all over your face and this becomes the main reason why you can’t cure that stubborn acne. And still, if you really need to use makeup wipes, look for ones you contain salicylic acid – she cleans skin, pores and makeup fast and effective.

I you are allergic to something or you’re allergy prone, but you just can’t leave without makeup wipes, at least seal the good. Even the smallest opening can cause bacteria appearance which even more will deeepn the unpleasant allergic reaction. Don’t forget to check the ingredients when you buy makeup wipes. Methylisothiazolinone, for example, can cause blisters, redness and swellings no matter that it’s in many makeup wipes and some for babies, too!

And if you really can’t live without makeup wipes, check the ingredients and always (really always) wash your face after you’ve used them!




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