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Apply A Black Eye Liner


Black eyeliner has always been highly valued by women from all over the world. It provides a deep and dramatic look for seductive eyes.

In this tutorial we`ll show you 8 different ways for applying black eye liner – you can try them all and choose the best one for you.

Don`t forget that the way you line your eyes, should be in accordance with your eye shape, too.

On the first picture you see a sharp winged eye.

The second one shows us a winged eye with a short bottom line.

The third picture comes with a black line to the end of the upper lash line and a very thin one at the bottom.

The fourth idea is about a thicker bottom line and a thinner upper one.

The fifth one is a little bit extravagant, having in mind the bottom line.

The sixth one is what we call a real cat eye – probably the sexiest eye lining ever.

The seventh one is frequently used by many women.

And the last one is the most dramatic one, where everything is in black.



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