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Anti-stress Secrets – For a Life Full of Happiness


Stress – the modern-world illness. It sneaks into our lives and when we realize it is part of us – it is too late. Insane working hours, no time to relax, problems at work, problems at home, dynamic days, sleepless nights and we end up wondering “What happened?”

Thankfully, there are some simple, yet powerful weapons against the modern disease. In this article we`ll reveal the secrets to less stress and more happiness.

1. Health care

Stress is one of our health’s greatest enemies, as it may lead to many cardiac problems, including heart-attacks. The overwhelming pressure and the negative emotions we experience impairs the normal functioning of the nerves and the muscle cells, which could be quite dangerous. The first symptoms are strong, frequent headache, insomnia, depression, fatigue and more. Our body tries to tell us there is something wrong with these symptoms and if we don`t take any measures, it continues to send signals with more serious problems such as hemorrhoids, constipation, muscle cramps, too much wrinkles, varicose veins and more.

But how to protect our health, then?

Enable yourself with energy at the morning. Use schuessler salt №5 potassium phosphate.

Don`t miss the dose at lunch – schuessler salt 3 – iron phosphate. It enables the body cells with oxygen.

At the evening – for sweet dreams – schuessler salt 7 – magnesium phosphate

The daily intake is up to 5 tablets of each salt for a period of 1 to 3 months.

2. Think about …

The stress levels very often depend on the season. During the autumn/winter season, we tend to stay at home more, watching TV or browsing the Internet, which is not very good for the brain. It leads to accumulation of the so-called “information” stress and you need to find a way to reduce it to the minimum level possible.

What`s more it could lead to sleep problems or even worse – it could make us lose interest in the reality.

Another problem, which we don`t realize are the negative emotions, we experience. The accumulation of such emotions affect our psychic and could lead to various autoimmune diseases according to the holistic medicine. That`s why we need to free our souls from the “poisonous” emotions and feelings. They are toxic for our bodies and harm our health. They could lead to heart attack, stomach problems, immune problems, depressions and even psychiatric disorders.

You need to master the art of forgiveness and learn how to relax. Here is what you should do…

3. Relax and smile

Read more about the progressive muscle relaxation techniques. You can apply them at home or sign up for classes with an experienced teacher. Just after the first session, you`ll make sure that`s the right therapy for you, because once the body rests, the mind follows.

One of the best ways to free your mind is yoga. It is a balanced combination of breathing techniques and specific poses, which is one of the best anti-stress weapons.

We should not underestimate techniques such as the aromatherapy, as it is also very effective. The nice aroma will definitely help you relax.

And last, but not least – have fun and laugh, as if you are a carefree child. It has been proven thet music, laugh, positive emotions are one of the best methods to fight stress. Use them, try to “extract” the best of every moment.

As a conclusion – one more tip. Sleep and relax in bed. Random naps are also allowed. Sleep could do wonders with your body and mind!


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