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Annoying Mouth Problems and Their Solutions


Nobody likes visiting the dentist: it is scary for some people, and for some it is just annoying when the doctor starts buzzing with his or her little tools around your teeth and gums. Mouth hygiene is important to keep for many reasons. First of all, as with every body part, you want to keep your mouth healthy to prevent further complications. Second of all, it can be very unattractive: bad breath and yellow teeth, no thank you, they are an absolute deal breaker! Here are a few common mouth issues that we selected and the possible solutions for them:

  • Canker Sores: It is a very commonly spread condition in which the mouth is repeatedly attacked by the formation of non-contagious ulcers. The difficulty of this problem arises from the fact that its causes are a bit of a mystery. Stress, illness or injury can all be the reason for the appearance of canker sores. They usually appear on the inner part of the cheeks or the floor of the mouth. They go away on their own, but there is a way to fasten the process. The main aim is to relieve the pain and speed up the healing, with the possibility of  preventing the problem to appear again. There are many over-the-counter products that can deal with each of those things; however, there is no one specific medication to help for all of them in the same time. A topical anesthetic can decrease the pain, for instance.
  • Burned Roof of the Mouth: We have all done the stupid mistake to eat or drink something very hot impatiently and then regret it for the rest of the day (or in worst cases: even for a couple of days!). An antiseptic mouth rinse for mouth sores can make your burned roof heal quicker!
  • Dry Mouth: Some people suffer from the dry problem even when they have drunk tons of water and it is very annoying. If you also feel that other body parts are also suffering from dryness, it is better to consult with a doctor, so that there are no further complications.
  • Bad Breath: This incredibly common problem is actually something that is not so easy to fix. Our mouths are always filled with lots of bacteria and when it settles, it creates an unpleasant smell that we might notice ourselves, but the others do, unfortunately! A mouthwash, used twice a day minimum, can be a possible solution. Also, remember to brush your tongue! If with an increase in the amount of care you take of your mouth hygiene there is no change, you should definitely talk to a dentist about it.

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