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And…. We already have gossip from the Oscars Red Carpet 2014


(And we’re not even close to the after party yet!!)

First of all its not been a great start for Jennifer Lawrence.

Jen took to the red carpet in a beautiful flared red dress and went falling down to her knees, poor Jen!


jen fall

Meanwhile Leonardo Dicaprio decides to fix his shirt inside his pants (may we add for all to see on live TV). He was certainly not embarrased by the fact that he had his hands right down his pants in front of everyone!

Ahhhh so cute! Matthew McConaughey has brought his mother along to the red carpet for a little day out. I guess she is his good luck charm, since he is one of the nominees for a Best Actor award.

Amy Adams has been very smart, stating that she wore her hair up because of the constant rain here in LA. She stated “I dont know what it would have done if I left it down!”

Lupita Nyong’o arrives at the red carpet looking beautiful in a absolutely stunning blue Prada gown.

Lupita Nyong'o

Charlize Theron looks absolutely WOW today on the red carpet (I will get more details of that dress soon, I promise!)



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