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Amazing transformations : Hair and Make-Up


Its simply amazing how much you can transform yourself simply by taking some time to do your make-up and hair.

As women, we find it very important to always good but there are some women that are simply un-aware of ways to glam themselves up.


We’re about to show you some before and after pictures that will make you run for the hairdryer and make up bag!!

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No way you can ever tell this is the same person!

Hair done, some make up and voila, a different person!

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Adding only a small amount of foundation, eyeshadow, lip gloss and definition to the eyes can make the world of difference.

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Hair extentions are also a great way to change your look.

They volumize the hair and allow you to try more styles

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Adding some thin highlights can also make a massive difference to your appearence, they allow you to have a healthier glow and make most women look a little younger

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Some highlights, make up, hair pieces to show off the face and look at the difference!



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