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Amazing Ideas for Jewelry Organization


Jewelry organization is a simple way to keep your collection neat and to be able to see all of them and pick them in an easier way when building an outfit. Here are some ideas of how to store your jewelry without doing anything special:

1. I am sure that if not you, then at least your parents or friends have bought lots and lots of weird objects as souvenirs from their trips abroad…and now they just collect dust. Now you can actually use them for something practical! Wrap your necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even sunglasses around whatever there is and it will give your room a more artistic sense.

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2. From inside the wardrobe to the jewelry rack, hangers have become not only an item for preserving clothes, but also necklaces, earrings, even bracelets. If you cannot fix the little hooks you can see on the pictures, you can just wrap necklaces and bracelets around the big hook in the middle, or wrap and pin them on (if they have a button or any kind of tie) on the horizontal stick that connects the two ends of the hanger.


3. From the kitchen to the bedroom, all kinds of items can become jewelry organizers. Instead of buying one of the expensive jewelry organizers from the store, you can take an old grater, maybe even paint it in a bright color and use it to organize your earrings. A fresh and irregular idea which will make your jewelry corner a more interesting and organized place.




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