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Alternative Products to Wash your Hair with

  • Using shampoo always can actually be avoided. We all know that natural products are best because they contain all the benefits that products sold in stores do, except for the chemicals. Washing your hair with natural products once in a while is a great way to protect it from all the harmful chemicals. Here are a few alternatives to shampoo:

    Clay: White clay, sold in pharmacies, is a good alternative of shampoo since it is appropriate for every hair type. Still, it has a slight drying effect, so if you have very, very dry hair, you might want to avoid it. Put 3-4 tablespoons of white clay in warm water and you will get a thick mixture. Apply it to all of your hair, from the roots to the ends. Wash it like you would with a normal shampoo. It’s good to condition afterwards to moisturize the hair.


    Yogurt: Natural yoghurt is a good alternative of shampoo for dry hair. Apply around 150 ml of yoghurt to your hair, both the scalp and the lengths. Wrap it with nylon and a towel and leave it for 30 minutes. After you have waited, wash it with warm water and dry it.


    Egg: Eggs are great for shiness and liveliness of your hair. If you have damaged hair, this is a great recipe for you! Whip an egg and add a tablespoon of warm water. Apply the mixture on moist hair . Wait for about ten minutes and wash it with chillier water.

    Even if those alternatives are not as nice-smelling and foamy as normal shampoos, they will give your hair a break from chemicals and make it stronger!



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