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A Body of A Smoker – Secrets Revealed


An internet platform compares the body condition of a smoker and a non-smoker

Smoking has always been a controversial issue, however it is a fact that smoking harms the human body.

TobaccoBody is a Finnish web page, which compares the body of a smoker and non-smoker. When you enter the website, you select your gender, then you  see a human body divided into two parts – the first one shows the smokers ‘body and organs and the other one shows the non smokers one.

There are a few different sections, which compare the condition  of the body- skin problems, related to the smoking, diseases, caused by the cigarettes (including lung cancer and breast cancer), and more and more damages which might be caused by this harmful habit.

Definitely after seeing this website you will either feel proud you do not smoke or you will make a decision to stop poisoning yourself. Ruining your own health for the sake of smoking is not worth it.

We will not name the widely-known problems, caused by the cigarettes again, as we believe you have heard them hundreds of times. This website aims at showing you the real aspects of what will happen if you smoke, in order to help you quit.  No need to discuss this issue any further – simply visit the TobaccoBody website and see it for yourself!




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