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9 Weird Beauty Tips : Myth or Fact


Beauty is not a rocket science, but it is definitely a tricky one. Your friends swear cold showers make hair shiny, while your mother says it will only result in a cold. Whom can we trust, which tips to follow and how to distinguish a myth from a fact. Beautifulshoes took the time to get to the bottom of 9 weird beauty tips.

1. Use toothpaste to reduce pimples – True, to some extend

Small pimples are easily cured with toothpaste, as it contains alcohol, which will dry them up and reduce redness and swelling. Clean your skin and apply toothpaste, wait for a few hours and then peel – it works like a charm. It is not recommends to use toothpaste on red, painful or deep pimple, as it might only worsen your condition.

2.Spray your makeup with a hairspray – True, but be very careful

It will keep your makeup in place, however don`t do it, unless it is absolutely necessary, because hair spray contains harsh chemicals, which are harmful to your face skin. There is a simple way to make your makeup stay – use primer and set the makeup with finishing powder.

3. Cucumber slices help with puffy eyes-True

We`ve seen this technique in movies and it actually works!

4.Caffein also helps with puffy eyes –True

This is one more good way to naturally relieve puffy eyes. You can also use an eye cream, which contains caffeine

5.Lighten your hair with lemon juice – True, but be careful

Natural lemon juice is actually an acid, so it is not surprising your hair will het lighter. The effect will not be visible overnight and the results are usually poor – your hair will get orange, not the honey blond you imagine.

6.Use olive oil to stimulate hair growth – False

It will not make your hair grow faster, but it will reduce its breakage, which will make it look longer.

7.Cold Showers for shiny hair – True

Actually cold water is good for the hair and has a strengthening effect. Avoid using any heat after cold shower, as it will only dry and damage your shiny hair.

8.Rub your skin with egg whites to fight cellulite- False

We wish there was a magical way to get rid of cellulite overnight, but unfortunately there is not, at least not rubbing your skin with egg whites. However, they do temporarily form a tight film over the skin, which could potentially make cellulite appear smoother, though not actually be smoother in the long run

9.Sleep only on your back to avoid wrinkles – False

It might work on a temporary basis, but there is no evidence it will help in the long run.



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