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9 Beauty Products That You Should Keep in Your Refrigerator


Have you ever thought of leaving makeup and beauty creams in the refrigerator? Me neither. But I remember how when I was little I would always open the fridge and would see my grandmother’s cream and liptick on the door. It turns out that there are some products that are better kept in the refrigerator. Want to know which and why? Read below:


  • Eye cream or gel

Eye cream in the morning is meant to reduce pufiness and cover the undereye area. If your cream is cold, the swelling will be reduced quicker because cold constricts blood vessels.

  • Anti-itch cream

Because the body can’t sense itchiness and cold at the same time, apply something cold to it and your body will feel the cooling sensation over the itching.

  • Sunscreen

If you leave your open sunscreen in the fridge, the cold will preserve the effectiveness of the SPF and next time you use it it will protect your skin as well as the first time.

  • Nail polish

Sun and heat can damage the formula of your nail polishes. If you want the paint to stay thin keep your nail polishes in the fridge, especially in the summer.

  • Fragrance

If you leave your perfumes when there’s direct light and heat, the chemicals will start to break down the amazing scent will be ruined forever.

  • Anti-acne products

If your dermatologist gives you a prescription for any anti-acne medicine, like Clindamycin or Tri-luma, check the label to see if it says to store it in the fridge. The formula won’t be as effective if it’s improperly stored.

  • Lipstick

Like nail polishes, if lipstick are exposed to too much heat and light the formula will change and with it – the color of the lipstick. It will be easier to break, too, if it’s melting because of the heat.

  • Liquid makeup

Liquids like mascara have an expiration date and if you want to preserve them, the only way is to toss them in the fridge. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can use one mascara for years, so be sure to check the dates of your beauty products.

  • Aloe

Chances are that if you use aloe, you’ve got a sunburn. So the case is like with the anti-itch cream. Apply aloe cold so your body would feel more relieved.

  • Natural beauty products

Natural products don’t contain preservatives, parabens, sulfates, etc.,  that make them last longer so it’s better to keep them in the refrigerator to prevent spoilage.


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